5 Black Panther Powers That Fans Might Not Have Any Idea About

5 Black Panther Powers That Fans Might Not Have Any Idea About

Black Panther is the latest sensation to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While he has been around in the comics for many decades, it is his solo movie that made him a pop culture icon.

He debuted in the 1960s and was a great landmark since he was the first ever comic book superhero from Africa. He debuted on the big screen in Captain America: Civil War and so far has featured in three movies. Since he is relatively new to the movies, the fans who don’t read the comics want to know more about Black Panther and his powers.

While his claws, heart-shaped herb and super speed etc. have already been revealed, there is a lot that hasn’t been shown on the big screen, and that is why we present to you five incredible powers that Black Panther has.


It might not be a superpower that Black Panther personally has, but, his suit can allow him to do it.

He is able to move faster, silently and his reflexes are super quick. He has special vibranium alloy padding in his shoes which ensure that his bones don’t shatter even if he makes a powerful superhero landing. His vibranium tinged boots ensure that he absorbs the momentum of any object that he touches and that allows him to move faster and quieter.

This means he can also sprint across the surface of a water body and with speed and momentum he can also use it as a trampoline.

His boots give him a feline ability to move in ways that only a cat or a panther can.

5 Black Panther Powers That Fans Might Not Have Any Idea About


The Black Panther’s kingdom of Wakanda is technologically advanced, and that is why it doesn’t surprise us that T’Challa can also teleport.

If anyone could have found the way to do it, it had to be Black Panther. He has used his teleporter more than once.

Black Panther relies on his teleporter when he needs to run away from a fight. It is a very useful thing to have when he is getting beaten in a fight and needs to escape and gather himself.

The device can not only teleport him but, also anyone he wishes to carry along. While we don’t have an idea of the device’s limits, but, since he has tried teleporting several people indicates that it is quite a capable machine.

5 Black Panther Powers That Fans Might Not Have Any Idea About


It is not just the Spider-Man who has the Spider-Sense, but, even the Black Panther has a power of intuition courtesy of his superhuman senses.

They got enhanced courtesy of the heart-shaped herb that he consumes.

Just like a real panther, he has the power to see clearly in darkness and has the power of seeing the ultraviolet and infrared elements of the electromagnetic spectrum. He can also see far.

He has such a strong smell power that he can identify different people by their scent, and this allows him to track people.

He can also hear sounds that are not audible to regular humans. He can eat anything and specify what exact ingredients are there and that helps him identify the poison.

Black Panther’s enhanced senses are among his strongest powers.

5 Black Panther Powers That Fans Might Not Have Any Idea About


Technically, he doesn’t turn invisible by default, but, he has stealth tech that helps him become invisible.

He has cloaking technology that gives him the ability to go past enemies without being detected. We haven’t yet seen this power in the movies, but, it has been a part of the comic books.

In the printed panels, he upgraded his Black Panther suit with some tech that he built himself. Among these features is the mind-controlled cloaking technology.

It is similar to the prime armor of Iron-Man’s prime armor, and he can make his suit resemble any clothes. He can also turn it into appearing as nothing and turning him completely invisible. That is quite a handy power to possess.

Apart from being a capable fighter and a super-genius person, Black Panther is also an expert in disguise and stealth.

5 Black Panther Powers That Fans Might Not Have Any Idea About


There are various Marvel characters who have self-healing powers, the most renowned of them is Wolverine.

Although Black Panther doesn’t have much to share with the X-Men hero, he does have a healing factor, though not as powerful as Wolverine. T’Challa can heal himself fractionally.

Minor injuries such as cuts, bruises, scrapes etc. heal quickly for him, much faster than a normal human being.

His healing power also makes him immune to various diseases, and that is why he is always ready to fight for Wakanda or with the Avengers. He is not able to regenerate limbs the way Deadpool did in the second Deadpool film, but, it is definitely better than no healing. Once again, it is that little heart-shaped herb that provides this healing ability to T’Challa.

5 Black Panther Powers That Fans Might Not Have Any Idea About