6 Craziest Things That Happened In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe

6 Craziest Things That Happened In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe

For a long time, the comics and characters from Ultimate Marvel Comics Universe have been demonstrated by heightened violence, more adult situations and soft language as well as their habit of revamping the legacy characters from Marvel. It worked well too, and characters such as Spider-Man and X-Men were updated in a way that highlighted what made these heroes special. However, for all the good things in Ultimate Spider-Man, there was a weird event like “Ultimatum” or a revelation of terrible things such as eating others.

That’s only the outer surface of the Ultimate Universe. However, it is not as if it was completely bad. There were characters like Peter Parker, Kitty Pryde, and Miles Morales redeemed things. The initial issues of The Ultimates were also highly loved, and some of the content has also been the source of inspiration for Marvel Studios. Various successful MCU movies have featured scenes from these comic books. Let’s have a look at some of the weirdest things which were shown as a part of the revamped, adult imprint.


Ultimate Spider-Man was how most people came to know about the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Marvel didn’t hold back and displayed a tone which was not seen in the comic books for years. Despite that, there are times when the hardcore comics want to enjoy some more. That is what happened in Ultimate Spider-Man #66 which saw Wolverine and Peter Parker switch their bodies.

As expected, Wolverine made some cheap advances towards Mary Jane. Peter was facing another problem since he was humorous unlike Logan, he was identified much easily. He also wasn’t as savage as the Wolverine, so his fights were not as bloody despite his newly acquired claws. This story ended with Peter telling Mary Jane that he didn’t make any advances towards her.

6 Craziest Things That Happened In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe


The Ultimate Marvel Comics Universe was over-flowing with new versions of the iconic characters, from the gutsy, savage Ultimates (or The Avengers), to a once again youthful Spider-Man and X-Men team. However, nothing was as huge as the changes made to the Fantastic Four, a legendary team that you could recall their names and powers without even thinking twice. That’s what Marvel sensed and roped in The Maker.

They started out slightly differently until Reed Richards advanced Susan Storm. She declined his proposal, and the Fantastic Four were disbanded. Gone. In no time, Reed faked his demise and killed his family, unleashing alien terrorist schemes all over the world and getting trapped in the Negative Zone, where he enhanced his intellect and raised an army. Reed established Children of Tomorrow, the Dark Ultimates and called himself The Maker.

6 Craziest Things That Happened In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe


Right from Hawkeye’s MCU debut, fans have been concerned that Marvel Studios might take clues from the Ultimate Universe version of Hawkeye. Although that didn’t happen, a great deal of Clint Barton’s origin has. In the Ultimate Marvel Comics Universe, he has a wife and three kids, and we saw the same thing in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. He was shown to be a normal family man. However, when later a backstabber (Black Widow) turned on the Ultimates, Hawkeye’s family becomes the victim.

A bunch of mercenaries barge into Clint Barton’s house and kill his three children and his wife, Laura. Clint identified Black Widow as their leader, and that’s when Ultimate Hawkeye was born, who wanted to take revenge from a former friend. However, when he gets hold of her, she was already hospitalized courtesy of a clash with Tony Stark. Clint Barton draws an arrow and pierces Black Widow’s head. Dark anyone?

6 Craziest Things That Happened In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe


Among other greatly significant changes in the Ultimates Universe was Venom’s introduction. Originally, Spider-Man had brought in a symbiote from deep space and put on the legendary black suit before finding out that the symbiote is corrupt and has a taste for violence. In Ultimate Spider-Man, Venom was a cure for cancer, named “The Suit.” The project saw the involvement of Peter Parker’s father Richard Parker and Eddie Brock’s dad.

Both the fathers die in a plane crash, and years later Eddie Brock tried to complete The Suit. However, things go wrong, and Peter Parker gets hold of it, but, soon he realizes how dangerous it was. He tries to destroy it, but, that made Eddie Brock feel betrayed. So he put on The Suit and became Venom.

6 Craziest Things That Happened In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe


Cyclops hasn’t had a great time in the Marvel Main Universe or the Ultimate Comics. During his run with the Ultimate X-Men, Cyclops was told to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He fell in love with Scarlet Witch and headed Xavier’s school of Mutants. He even got addicted to a drug called “Banshee,” a crazy take of the X-Men character bearing the same name. However, he finally got his act together.

After “Ultimatum” Cyclops went to address an anti-mutant protest to amend things. However, Quicksilver murders him, and that is weird because Pietro was supposed to be dead by then, also killed by Cyclops. In fact, Pietro’s death had caused Magneto to go crazy in “Ultimatum.” the worst thing is that despite all his wishes, Cyclops remained the mutant desperado that he was in the main Marvel Universe before his murder.

6 Craziest Things That Happened In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe


While this wasn’t exactly associated with the backstabbing by Black Widow and her eventual fall, but, it clarified her motives. Somehow Tony Stark and Natasha Romanova created their own film, and it went viral. Media picks it up. Later Black Widow reveals her double agent side and takes Tony, hostage, kills Edwin Jarvis and tries to force Tony Stark to hand over his wealth to her. Dumb plan!

Tony escapes by activating a nanotech that was already implanted inside her, and this renders her incapable of doing anything. He then slams a bottle on her head, and she suffers brain damage. She lands in a hospital where her murder of Clint Barton’s family earned her a head piercing. While this is a sad way to show Black Widow, but in the Ultimate Universe, none is a hero. This is where people eat people.

6 Craziest Things That Happened In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe


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