6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

It is a fact underscored by Batman and Iron-Man both that smartness is better than other talents. Batman has been able to defeat Superman only because he is not a seven-year-old who fancies a superhero as someone invincible and capable of doing anything. Iron-Man has been superior than Captain America because a serum powered super soldier is not exactly the best thing around.

6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

Therefore, let us take a look at the newer films featuring the Batman and the Iron-Man and draw comparisons between them. Since most of us have seen them, it will be easy to compare. While ignoring the past of Batman might appear silly, that is exactly what DC Comics has done through their recent reboots.

1. Iron Man never unleashed chaos on Earth.

It might be trivial, but, Tony Stark has never pushed the lives of innocent people into a hell. He might have accidentally been the cause of terrorists getting some superweapons, but, he has paid the damages for that.

Batman spotted a bunch of trained killers led by a crazy man who pledged to wreck Gotham and his idea was “Piss him, save his life and forget about the man.” This resulted in the whole of Arkham Asylum infiltrating into the Gotham slums. That was around the same time when Ra’s Al Ghul unleashed the fear gas as he approached the city center, No doubt, Batman prevented the destruction of the city, but, after the city’s poorest areas got flooded.

A lot of people perished during the finale. Still, Batman is the second-best hero.

6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

2. The actor playing Iron-Man is better suited to the role.

Robert Downey Jr was playing a boyfriend on the romantic comedy series Ally McBeal, and that was a contrasting role to the Iron-Man. Later he went on to play Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes. Christian Bale is the ideal Batman. American Psycho was the right learning ground to play the wealthy maniac who spent violent nights. That was a time when Equilibrium and The Machinist showed the emotional lack of a psychopath.

6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

3. Iron-Man is tactically better than the guy who wastes cutting edge technology.

Both these heroes are self-obsessed billionaires who misuse their luxuries.

They both accumulate technology which could benefit the society. Tony Stark leverages AI and a power source to do things that manipulate laws, but, not break them, and he loves that.

This appears to be a bad idea for a person with more weapons and wine at his disposal than available to the pirates of the whole world. However, if the maniac is splurging the dollars regularly, he apparently enjoys it.

Bruce is swindling more money than Enron and uses it to go after poor people. To see Batman deep in thought over his apparent inability to prevent crime, yet, still has money to get some therapy, is highly irritating. The Dark Knight’s impeccable anti-crime surveillance system is unforgettable.

This has made Minority Report look innocent, and Batman has used it only once. This was just to underscore that a cape-wearing man on the rooftops has no concern about your privacy.

6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

4. Iron Man doesn’t have crazy moral principles.

Tony Stark finds out that his inventions were being misused to kill. The weapon maker than destroyed it all and killed only gun wielding robots who targeted women and kids.

Batman has a stance as moral as the Saw guy. He is ruthless and delivers punishment. His wife, girlfriend, and kids have to deal with a psychopath who is not violent anymore. Batman has been cause of more spousal abuse than alcoholism.

Do you have any idea about the cost of his custom-made Batrangs? He can employ every thug in Gotham. Give them night security jobs at Gotham Industries warehouses and then give them enough cash and beer to reduce the crime rate in the city.

6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

5. Iron Man benefits the society more.

Tony Stark used to sell weapons. His father set up a business at a time when weapon makers were appreciated. Howard reverse engineered the polarity of Godwin’s law. Tony believed in the theory of arming the good guys to set things right. However, whenever Bruce Wayne failed to get his desired stuff, he used to retreat to his man cave and throw tantrums.

As he was suffering the effects of his drugs, his executives turned his business enterprise from being the beacon of Gotham to the murkiest company around. His ignorance allowed the transport system get dilapidated and become hellish.

Wayne Industries was now an arms company. Wicked executives discussed weapons, but, they created military armed vehicles equipped with missiles, impenetrable armor and a device that could vaporize water from enemy territory.

Those were the kind of things they stored and transported in the movie. Wayne Industries launched more military projects than the U.S. military itself.

6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

6. Iron Man has better plans

Bruce roamed around the world for years and attained ultimate physical shape. Tony Stark enjoyed weekends and suffered a heart attack before thinking “I’d better not get shot in the face!”

Iron-Man has no fear of his enemy. When Batman disappears, frenzied criminals spray bullets into the air because they can’t spot him. Batman’s self-defense can lead to scores of Gotham slum residents dying.

One doesn’t get money and technology to do everything by his own hands. Iron-Man designs armors to get things done.

6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman