6 Incredible Superpowers Of The Hulk That Fans Had No Idea About

6 Incredible Superpowers Of The Hulk That Fans Had No Idea About

With this iconic phrase from The Avengers, we came to see the unmatched strength of the Hulk. The quote by Tony Stark summarizes the Hulk in just four words, and it is a loud and clear message: Don’t mess with the Green Monster. No matter how you hit him, he will hit back. Whether you fire a pistol or a missile at him, the Hulk will survive it all.

The Hulk is such a monstrous green being that he can wreck anything and anyone who stops him. But, can he do things other than ‘smash’? Right from the time he debuted in 1962, the Hulk has gained numerous superpowers that can shock the fans. Let’s take a look at seven incredible superpowers that The Hulk has, and you have no clue about.


The most obvious answer that you would always get if you ask someone about Hulk’s power is, “He’s strong.” The whole world knows that the Hulk can tear apart a helicopter or toss a tank aside as like a toy. Basically, strength is his most visible power. However, do you really know how strong the Hulk is? Is there a limit to his strength?

The one thing that sets him apart from the other superheroes is his strength, and it has no limits. He is capable of picking up an A380 even when he is calm and the angrier he gets, the mightier he gets. If he is outraged, he might be able to smash mountains or even hurl celestial bodies. There is no known limit to his strength.

6 Incredible Superpowers Of The Hulk That Fans Had No Idea About


In various media, we have seen how the Hulk can jump over great distances. While he is famous for his leaps, they don’t’ appear to be game-changing. Well, that is only if he is not really trying. There is no telling how far he can leap if he is really angry and at it because it has not been depicted in any medium until now.

With the superpowers that he has, the Hulk is capable of doing the kind of things that the ordinary humans can only dream of. He is capable of cover a distance of miles in a single leap, made possible by his super-strong leg muscles. However, if he tries really hard, the Hulk can leap across the atmosphere or even into the far reaches of the atmosphere. Just like a long-range missile, he can launch himself and land on to another continent. However, his huge mass and velocity is bound to create shockwaves and huge craters where he lands.

6 Incredible Superpowers Of The Hulk That Fans Had No Idea About


It is evident that the Hulk is nearly indestructible on Earth, but, what about the space? Marvel Universe has regularly explored the galactic space, and the Hulk is a key player of their space adventures, primarily because of his ability to survive in space better than the other Avengers.

His body regenerates new tissues at mind-blowing rates, and that’s why the deadly vacuum of space is not hostile for Hulk. In the comic books, we have seen the Hulk go into space in a spacecraft for safety, but, once his spacecraft was broken, and the Hulk became extremely angry, and it led to his body adapting into someone who could survive any kind of space condition. It is clear that the Hulk can survive in any environment or the lack of it, and that’s why he is a superhero, who can fight any enemy anywhere in the universe.

6 Incredible Superpowers Of The Hulk That Fans Had No Idea About


There was a time, the Hulk’s main move in the comic books was his thunderclap, but, we haven’t yet seen it in the MCU. That doesn’t mean it is not a deadly movie. Once upon a time when all the heroes had their signature attack, the Hulk had the ability to clap his hands and create such a powerful thunderclap that it used to fell enemies even far away from him.

Despite the fact that the Hulk has got a lot of other amazing powers since those days, it would be awesome to see his thunderclap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It can deafen, disorient his enemies and even extinguish fires, therefore, the thunderclap could be one weapon that might make a dramatic change to a narrative in a battle.

6 Incredible Superpowers Of The Hulk That Fans Had No Idea About


You might recall a scene in The Avengers when Bruce Banner had said,  “I put a bullet in my mouth… and the other guy spit it out?” Truth be told, Banner was not lying or exaggerating. Bullets don’t make the same difference to the Hulk that they do to Captain America, Thor or others. Empty your gun on the Hulk, and the only thing that will happen is that he will become angry and beat you to a pulp.

The hulk has such a thick and strong skin that no artillery or bullets can go through it. We have all seen how bullets ricochet off his body, but, even stuff like grenades, rockets, missiles or supervillains punching him, cannot hurt him. The green skin is like an impenetrable shield all around him.

6 Incredible Superpowers Of The Hulk That Fans Had No Idea About


Among the various things that have made the Hulk such an interesting character is that he is the outcome of a crazy accident impacting Bruce Banner. The various powers that he got courtesy of that accident led to the creation of a unique superhero, and you might feel he is just one of his kind.

However, it was revealed that the Hulk had a power that he himself didn’t know about, and the power ensures that a blood transfusion by Bruce Banner can turn others into Hulks. That is exactly what happened to his cousin Jennifer Walters, who turned into She-Hulk. While Jennifer had most of her original personality traits even as She-Hulk, she could also become stronger as she got angrier.

6 Incredible Superpowers Of The Hulk That Fans Had No Idea About


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