6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had

6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had

We all know that Batman is a superhero who doesn’t have super-human powers. It is true that his extreme wealth allows Bruce to do things that ordinary people can’t do. However, Bruce is nothing special without his gadgets, suits and technology. On the contrary, Superman can’t be separated from his strength and speed, which is what differentiates powers from tools.

Still, merely because he doesn’t have the standard superpowers doesn’t imply that he never had them. There have been times when Batman had accessed powers that helped him overcome enemies. No matter what the circumstances be, there have been occasions when the Batman has become superhuman, and here we reveal some of the superpowers that he had wielded in the past.

6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had

Acquired Superman’s Powers

Batman has battled Superman many a times, and the interesting thing has been to find out how the Batman will face someone who has incredible superpowers. However, as we saw in “The Dark Knight Returns”, the difference between these two heroes is much greater than the mere existence of powers. They have different opinions, and it is not as if we give Superman’s powers to Bruce Wayne then he will automatically become Superman for Earth.

This particular story showed the impossible take place and Batman got Superman’s powers. Batman used his newly acquired speed and strength against his enemies. He becomes savage and eventually becomes one of the major threats faced by the world.

6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had

Turned into a green lantern

We all know many men have been Green Lanterns over the years, but, Batman is not exactly the name that you would associate with them. However, the Green Lantern’s power ring is a gadget just like so many of the Batman’s gadgets, and it can be used by anyone. Over the years, the Dark Knight has used the Green Lantern ring several times.

Most such instances have been straight-forward like when Hal Jordan allowed Batman to put on the ring since they were on the same side, but, Batman has also been directly chosen by the ring. In the “Darkest Knight” narrative Batman had got the chance to become Earth’s main Green Lantern.

6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had

Venom’s Powers

The Venom storyline in Batman reminds us of Bane. The villain is the most renowned user of the drug, and it gave him his towering physique which was the reason why he was such a deadly threat. Just like the symbiote seen in the Spider-Man comics, the new power’s dangers were first used by the hero before the villain acquired them. Batman was the first guy who discovered that the steroids enhanced his strength. He became a stronger and deadlier fighter, but, it also carried along the problems of steroids. Batman started becoming short-tempered, and things started going out of control. Bane also learned the same lesson, but, after a much longer duration.

6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had

Metron’s Chair

Among the newest things on this list is also among the deadliest. Various Justice League members ended up acquiring gods’ powers such as the occasion when The Flash became the god of death, and Shazam became the god of gods. Even Lex Luthor joined the act and turned into the god of Apokolips. However, Batman was the most amazing as he displaced Metron and took over his chair to become the god of knowledge.

Batman had already been a super genius, but, this power now became incredibly enhanced. He had all the world’s knowledge at his disposal, and the first thing he inquired who his parents’ murderer was, and then he went on to ask Joker’s real name.

6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had

Batman turned into Man-Bat

Whenever one imagines the Man-Bat, the image that comes to mind is of the foolish being that was introduced to be Batman’s opposite and was a huge walking bat monster. Not among the more famous Batman villains, but, one who has kept returning over the years, courtesy of the Man-bat serum.

This Batman swoops down from the heights accompanied by a bat army, who work as Batman’s kids to replace his lost child. It was obvious that Damian’s murderer wasn’t ready to face a Batman like this and ended up being beaten.

6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had

Turned Into Bat-God

All the comic book lovers know that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together, are known as the DC’s super trinity. The Trinity comic book series showed these three being pivotal in maintaining the balance in the world. When an evil trio tries killing the legendary heroes, it hurts the balance and leads to some stunning consequences.

While Superman and Wonder Woman already had powers, it was the Batman who turned into the Night Judge. The heroes were upset with the villains who tried killing them, and they go back to their original world to exact some revenge.

6 Incredible Superpowers That Nobody Knew Batman Had


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