6 Marvel Comics Stories Too Wild For MCU But Fans Want Them

6 Marvel Comics Stories Too Wild For MCU But Fans Want Them

Let there be no lies, and the truth is that the Comics can be quite insane. You might see some of the most brilliant minds in the world spending their vast wealth on grand bat-styled clothing or building armors to take on criminals. Although the superhero stories are by nature crazy, but, there is a large number of comic book stories that can be classified into absolutely outrageous.

We have spotted some Marvel comic stories that are too weird or impossible to recreate in front of the camera, but, we wish to see them.

We just hope that there are some studio bosses looking at this article and willing to take on the challenge of converting these stories into big/small screen projects.


Eminem stepped off the stage and walked right into a Punisher trap in Eminem/Punisher. Eminem seems to be well-versed with the vigilantes, and he instantly readies to hit back. However, the top Punisher villain Barracuda drags Eminem away from the shootout as they were once homies.

There is no doubt this is a Punisher comic book, but, Eminem grabs all the mind-blowing action sequences, such as the scene where he is involved in a chainsaw/machete battle with Barracuda. The most iconic moment was when Eminem unloads a full clip as he goes on repeating the chorus to one of his most popular songs, just because Frank called him a “rock star.”

6 Marvel Comics Stories Too Wild For MCU But Fans Want Them


The second Deadpool film proved the great chemistry between Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds. Therefore, let us give the duo a logical conclusion by featuring them in a Deadpool vs. Thanos. Both the characters are in love with the Mistress Death, the embodiment of death, yet, they need to cast aside their personal issues when their skeletal lady love went missing. With Death in jail, everyone lives, and that results in this extremely unkillable duo to battle it out in Hell.

Deadpool vs Thanos is probably the best buddy cop action movie where nobody dies. In the course of the story, Thanos and Deadpool take on the Guardians of the Galaxy and also a knife-wielding slasher rabbit. Francis comes back as Abyss Man and Deadpool is backed by Black Talon, the super-villain who is a voodoo exponent and dresses up like a chicken.

6 Marvel Comics Stories Too Wild For MCU But Fans Want Them

3. How about the world coming to know of Daredevil’s blindness?

Are you interested in knowing how Deadpool didn’t get blinded by the flashing electrical bolts in the 1978’s comic book What If? #8. In this comic book, Electro blew up Daredevil’s life by uttering only five words, “What color is my costume?” rather than pretending to be color blind, Daredevil was only able to murmur in reply. Electro revealed to the media, and in no time everyone started realizing that Daredevil was Matt Murdock. Also, Spider-Man states that it was only blindness that could explain the yellow costume worn by Daredevil.

Rather than getting arrested, Matt gets elected as the DA, and he married Karen Page. We think Daredevil should have confessed to being blind, right from the outset.

6 Marvel Comics Stories Too Wild For MCU But Fans Want Them


This comic book is Marvel’s reply to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, both. In this story, Spider-Man and Wolverine undertake time travel, visit the afterlife and the Mojoverse, on behalf of time diamonds in the story called Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine. During their journey, the heroes come across Devil Dinosaurs, gangsters who display future-karate, and The Orb – the guy who wears an Evel Knievel costume and has just an eyeball in place of a face.

This story has almost everything that you could ask for. It begins in ancient times where Spider-Man tries not to mess up with the timeline and Logan invented beer. Wolverine then used a firearm to blow a planet that had Dr Doom’s face on it, in a single shot. As if that wasn’t enough Spider-Man delivered such a hard punch on a guy that he turned into an infant.

6 Marvel Comics Stories Too Wild For MCU But Fans Want Them


Have we seen everything from the Zombies? Luckily there is another stumbling crowd worth of zombie stories based in the super-powered  Zombies universe, where the Zombies have some degree of wit, superpowers and other abilities.

It is a typical Zombie story which focuses on Magneto using his magnetic powers and Colonel America’s shield to beat a super-powered zombie crowd. Similarly, there is a Halloween one-shot based on Kitty Pryde, whose intangibility power ensures that she is among the last surviving mutants along with her newly born son.

All of these are great ideas, but, we love the original Marvel Zombies story, written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), which is based on the super Zombies and their cosmic saga of satiating their monstrous hunger.

6 Marvel Comics Stories Too Wild For MCU But Fans Want Them


Almost every single Spider-an has been a part of the forces that battles multidimensional Spider-Person killers in Spider-Verse. There are numerous reasons why Spider-Verse can’t be made because it features almost every single version of the character. We can see The Electric Company Spider-Man, the Broadway version of Spidey from Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, the meme Spider-Man, and the Japanese Spider-Man with mecha Leopardon, and many more.

One of the Spider-Men says during a conversation with another Spider-Man:  “One of ’em was unmasked, and I swear he looked just like the guy from Seabiscuit.” The other Spider-Man replied “Really? I thought I saw the guy from The Social Network over there.” There is no doubt that a Marvel Cinematic Universe version of this story would be totally crazy!

6 Marvel Comics Stories Too Wild For MCU But Fans Want Them