6 Superheroes Who Slept With Most Powerful Gods

6 Superheroes Who Slept With Most Powerful Gods

If we put a lot of superheroes together in a battle for their existence, many of them are likely to fall in love for each other. There are a lot of time when superheroes fall in love with each other. However, they love challenges. What is the next thing expected from a superhero. Nothing less than a God, of course!

There have been many instances that superheroes got into bed with gods and goddesses. There are demigods residing within the superhero community. They become members of the superhero teams and love their fellows just like others do. At times, they enter into relationships or at least a one night stand happens. Take a look at some of them!


Clone the Superman, and you get Superboy. Wonder Girl happens to be Zeus’s daughter, and that means she is a demigod. These are two characters who were the emblem of teenage love in the Teen Titans throughout Geoff Johns run of the title. After a great deal of teasing and hints, the couple finally went all the way in Teen Titans Annual #1, bang in the middle of Infinite Crisis.

After he fought Superboy-Prime, Superboy needed to recuperate, and that’s when he retreated with Wonder Girl to the Kent Family farm, where they did the deed in the barn before Superboy flew off to his death. At least he had a great time before dying.

6 Superheroes Who Slept With Most Powerful Gods


In the comic book She-Hulk #30 created by Peter David and Val Semeiks, the story started with Jen and Hercules having already been through the deed. How is that possible? Well, it is revealed that they had battled together and while celebrating their victory, they crossed the limits. The superpowered couple wrecked a couch in the process.

According to Jen, she slept with him because she felt good being so close to immortals. However, things didn’t go on for long as She-Hulk pushed him out of the door and dumped him naked.

6 Superheroes Who Slept With Most Powerful Gods


For a number of years, fans have been keen to see Superman hook up with the Wonder Woman, but, a marriage was an impediment. In The Dark Knight Strikes Again, the love-making of the Kryptonian and Amazon resulted in the destruction of two full cities in the act. While Diana’s being a goddess has been well-known, the New 52 showed her to be the direct offspring of Zeus and not someone made out of clay and then brought to life. This proved that she was a demigod. Fans had a great deal of this relationship than they might have wanted because DC highlighted this pair as their marketing element for a number of years.

6 Superheroes Who Slept With Most Powerful Gods


Among all the revelations that came out of Geoff Johns’ “Darkseid War,” the revelation about the New God Darkseid having a daughter called Grail with an Amazonian lady is ranked quite highly. While Myrina Black might not have been up to much good in her life, she did everything with good intentions. She had believed that she was making the ultimate weapon to be used against the Dark God, and it would protect her sisters.

Being the most renowned assassin on Themyscira, she was tasked with protecting her people. She went out to Darkseid, gave birth to his child, and intended to use that child to kill him. However, she turned her daughter into an uncontrollable monster.

6 Superheroes Who Slept With Most Powerful Gods


The 2003 Comic book Defenders #3 showed the Hulk do the thing with Dormammu’s sister Umar. The Lord of the Dark Dimension is truly evil, and his sister is no less powerful. Such incredible power needed nothing less than the power of the Hulk to satisfy her. She turned Hulk into her keep and the two end-up smashing till they are exhausted.

Sadly, for all his superhuman strength, the Hulk is not able to withstand Umar for long. She knocked him out and turned him into Bruce Banner, who is so softened that he is not even able to turn back into the green monster. These two once again got into the act in Incredible Hulk #633.

6 Superheroes Who Slept With Most Powerful Gods


Years before Jane Foster turned into the God of Thunder herself, she had been the continuous lover of the Norse God Thor. Superman is paired with Lois Lane, Spider-Man with Mary Jane or Gwen Stacey, and Thor had Jane Foster. Upon his arrival on Earth as Dr. Donald Blake, Thor met Jane, who used to be a nurse back then. They entered a relationship stretching over many years.

Although Sif turned out to be a wall between the two, and their relationship subsequently ended, they had a fantastic time together and were shown as a couple in Thor and Thor: The Dark World films. They had been together even in the Ultimate Universe, where we saw them indulging in the pleasure act in Avengers vs. New Ultimates.

6 Superheroes Who Slept With Most Powerful Gods