7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World

7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World

The comic book characters have a fascination for the armor suits. The armor can provide extraordinary powers to the heroes as well as the villains, and at least once, every major hero and villain has put on an armor. DC’s Batman and Lex Luthor are famous for it, and in the Marvel Universe, we have Tony Stark and Doctor Doom who happen to be the champions of the armor segment. However, there are plenty of other characters as well, who have put on armor suits. Some of them are quite mind-blowing. Tony Stark is the best armor designers in the comic books, and he has a customized suit for almost every eventuality. On the other hand, Doctor Doom changes his armors as if they are clothes. Here we present to you 7 of the deadliest armors seen in Marvel Universe.


A lot of fans are aware of the Destroyer from Thor, but, the film barely touched upon the powers of this armor. Unlike other regular armors, the Destroyer is not a suit, but, when it is activated, it is extremely powerful. The Destroyer has super-speed and strength. It can not only fly but, manipulate metal as well.

The Destroyer is tinged with Odin’s magic, and it is fabricated from material which is stronger than even Uru. The most destructive power of this armor is its disintegration ray, which we saw in Thor. The Destroyer, similar to the Apocalypse armor, is connected to the Celestials. However, this one was created with a purpose of battling the ancients.

7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World


As discussed above, Tony Stark has a fantastic range of suits, but, it is his Bleeding Edge armor that is the best of them all. This armor is powered by an artificial star, and this power source ensures that Stark has an unlimited energy source. Bleeding Edge or the Iron-Man Armor Model 37 or Iron Destroyer is nestled inside Tony Stark’s body since it is comprised of Nano-Machines.

It won’t be wrong to say that in many ways, this armor is like a symbiote. Stark can use it to create anything he desires. Combined with the genius intellect of Tony Stark, the Bleeding Edge suit is definitely among the most powerful inventions by the hero.

7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World


Darkahawk aka Chris Powell is among the most overlooked heroes in the cosmic part of the Marvel Universe. The fact is, Powell’s suit is among the most fantastic armors from Marvel. this is not a normal suit, but, an android that is controlled by its user. Darkhawk can undertake space travel, fire energy beams and create an energy shield. This armor also has super-strength, flight and healing factor powers.

It is true that darkhawk has not been fully explored, the character made a comeback to the Marvel Universe recently. Therefore, by using the amazing Darkhawk suit, Chris Powell might still prove to become a legend.

7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World


There is no way that we could go through this list without mentioning the Black Panther suit, especially the versions of the suit seen in the solo Black Panther movie. In the film, we see T’Challa wear a suit fabricated out of Vibranium, which is the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe. The suit has a microweave design which easily absorbs kinetic energy, and that makes it difficult for his enemies to hurt T’Challa.

The armor of T’Challa also has claws, and his suit is capable of producing blades and fire projectiles. Also, the Black Panther suit has given T’Challa the invisibility power. Fans have seen a lot of these powers in the movie. All in all, this might be among the mightiest suits in the Marvel Universe.

7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World


The reasoning might vary depending upon the timeline we look at, but, the Hulkbuster was built with the idea of being capable of overpowering or stopping the Hulk. The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Hulkbuster is a very protective option. Bruce Banner created the Hulkbuster with Tony Stark’s help to guard against the green rampaging monster.

In the comic books, Stark had used the suit for some other reason. The World War Hulk storyline Stark tried stopping the destructive and violent Hulk  by using the Hulkbuster armor. This is basically a massive exoskeleton that has injector needles and rocket-powered gauntlets. The Hulkbuster can knock the Hulk off his feet in a single blow, but, even then it failed to serve its purpose.

7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World


It is difficult to see Ultron as a separate entity from his armor. However, the suit had to be here on this list. The robot’s shell is created from adamantium, the very same metal which gave Wolverine his deadly powers in the Marvel Comics.

This has resulted in, the comic books showing the Ultron as almost invincible. Ultron’s armor gives him super-strength, speed and endurance. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ultron is much different. In the movies, Ultron is a humanoid robot that creates its own shell using Vibranium. In any case, Ultron has one of the most powerful armor suits in Marvel Universe.

7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World


No, this is not the end of it. There is another incredible suit on this list. Doom, even the contemporary version, benefitted greatly from the technology at his disposal. In the Doomwar event series, Doctor Doom created a suit by using the strongest Marvel Universe metal aka Vibranium.

It is true that Doctor Doom stole the metal from Wakanda. Doom’s theft led to a war between Black Panther’s country of Wakanda and Doom’s country Latveria. Doctor Doom created a suit fully forged of Vibranium, and this made him effectively unbeatable. T’Challa was faced with an imminent defeat, and he had to destroy the whole supply of this rare metal. Thus, the battle between their countries became useless.

7 Deadliest Marvel Universe Armors That Can Dominate The World

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