7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods

7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods

Superheroes often find themselves in larger than life situations. Whether it be the scenario where The Avengers try to prevent the wipeout of half of the life from the universe or the battle of Justice League with the combined might of Darkseid and Apokolips, there is always plenty to look forward to. Irrespective of their origins, the superheroes repeatedly prove their worth. These dangerous situations often show the superheroes acquire even more power than normal and take on bigger challenges. In fact, sometimes the heroes even turned into cosmic gods for varying durations. Here, we present to you some such scenarios!


During ‘Darkseid War,’ the battle between Anti-Monitor and Darkseid reached a tipping point, and Darkseid invoked one of his deadliest weapons called the Black Racer aka The New God of Death. However, the Anti-Monitor got hold of The Flash and compelled him to merge with the Black Racer, eventually making him the new God of Death.

With tables turned, Anti-Monitor now controlled Flash and Death itself. He used Flash to kill Darkseid, an event which caused turmoil in the entire DC Universe, and it was such a big event that its impact is still being felt, as seen in the Wonder Woman comic series.

7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods


Yes, we mean Frank Castle aka The Punisher. During the recent Thanos’ series, we found that during a battle between Thanos and The Avengers, Frank Castle, on his deathbed, made a deal with Mephisto to turn into the latest Ghost Rider. However, when he came back to life, the battle was over, and the Earth was ruined. Therefore, he had nothing and nobody to take on.

Eventually, Galactus, the Eater of the worlds came to Earth while he was being chased by Thanos. On Earth, he found the Ghost Rider who was full of vengeance. Galactus made him his new herald and gave him power cosmic. Frank Castle became the Cosmic Ghost Rider, a real universal force, but, he switched sides and joined hands with Thanos. In any case, it was awesome.

7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods


In another story, Superman also became the herald of Galactus, and that was not the first or the last time he got cosmic powers. Before the battle of Darkseid and Anti-Monitor in Darkseid War, Superman and Lex Luthor were transported to Apokolips. They came under attack by numerous enemies, and they figured out that due to the absence of any sunlight, Superman was weakening alarmingly. That’s when Lex Luthor came up with a plan.

He told Superman to dive into one of the firepits on that planet, which theoretically, was filled with solar fire. However, despite Superman regaining his strength, the negative energy of the firepit turned him into an evil version of himself, and also the God of Strength. Yes, he had the powers of a God, apart from his own powers, but, no morals.

7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods


Yes, Iron-Man has valid concerns. Tony Stark is a genius with billions at his disposal. There is no reason why he should become a God. Though that might be a possibility, Tony’s intellect and wealth do enable him to wield the power of an Asgardian God. In the Fear, Itself series, the Avengers and their battle against Odin’s brother Serpent turned quite difficult.

In a bid to get an edge, Tony in his Bleeding Edge armor, reached the Dwarven forges and threw his armor into a vat of melted Uru, a metal which was used to fabricate Thor’s iconic hammer Mjolnir. Tony came out of the Uru with a new magical Asgardian armor that looked like the Destroyer. This gave Iron-Man the power of Gods.

7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods


Writer/director James Gunn made a huge change to Peter Quill’s origins in the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 movie. The comic books show Star-Lord to be J’son’s (the ruler of the planet Spartax) son. However, the movie showed him as the son of Ego, the living planet, a Celestial who is basically a god in the Marvel Universe.

Once he came to know that, Peter Quill also learned to use his Celestial powers. Later he used those powers in a battle against Ego, but, the destruction of the living planet also resulted in Peter losing his powers. In any case, for a brief period, Peter had the Celestial powers, and in that fight, he was a god.

7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods


Back in 1987’s Uncanny X-Men Annual, Wolverine, Storm, Psylocke and other X-Men battled an alien called Horde. Horde had the power of a shard of a crystal called the Ultimate Vision. With this power, Horde beat all the X-Men, including Wolvie.

However, a drop of Wolverine’s blood dripped on the Crystal of Ultimate Vision, which not only revived him but, gave him all the godly powers. This led to Wolverine triumphing over the new enemy. After the battle was over, Wolverine managed to get rid of the power given to him. However, for a brief moment, Wolverine was not just a mutant, but, a cosmic god.

7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods


Before the start of the “Darkseid War,” some of the Justice League members faced off with Metron, who sits on the mighty Mobius Chair, and is the keeper of all the Universal knowledge. Metron told them to leave, but, Wonder Woman wanted to find the answers. She used her lasso to get Metron off his powerful chair. That’s when Justice League got a few seconds to act.

Once its master was dethroned, the Chair tried to summon a Boom Tube. To avoid that, Batman could see only one option, and he sat upon the chair. Immediately, he merged with the chair and turned into the God of Knowledge. For all the questions that the League or Bruce had, there was an answer. While Batman’s fans might already consider him to be a god, he truly became one.

7 Iconic Superheroes Who Turned Into Cosmic Gods