"All of a sudden we were buried": At least 5 dead in Jordan building collapse

Rescue efforts at the site of a collapsed building in Amman, Jordan’s Al-Weibdeh neighbourhood continued on Wednesday after at least five people were confirmed dead. At least 25 people were in a dilapidated residential building in Amman when it crumbled on Sept. 13. "I saw my children fall in front of me," said Nisreen Barakat al-Hmoud, who survived the collapse. Admitted to a local hospital, Hmoud said the urgency to find her children after walls had crumbled around them helped her to comprehend the situation. “All of a sudden, we were buried,” she said. About a dozen people had been evacuated so far, several with serious injuries, hospital sources said. Prime Minister Bisher al Khasawneh ordered an investigation as officials blamed the building's state of disrepair. For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/20fcXDc Like Global News on Facebook HERE: http://bit.ly/255GMJQ Follow Global News on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1Toz8mt Follow Global News on Instagram HERE: https://bit.ly/2QZaZIB #GlobalNews #Jordan #BuildingCollapse


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