Boosie: My Joint Album with T.I. is Harder than Drake & 21 Savage, Only Drake Got Quoted (Part 10)

Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member - Part 9: Part 11: Part 1: -------- In this clip, Vlad spoke to Boosie about saying that his upcoming album with T.I. is “harder” than Drake and 21 Savage’s “Her Loss” album. Speaking about his friendship with T.I., Boosie explained that they’ve been close since before he went to prison. Speaking about their upcoming project, Boosie explained that he was shooting a reality show with his and T.I.’s son, and Boosie revealed that the idea for the album came up around that time. Boosie stated that he and T.I. are spitting a lot of game in their new project, and he clarified that while Drake and 21 Savage have a great project, he thinks that there is a bigger message in his and T.I.’s album. Moving along, Boosie revealed that the project is still unnamed, and he explained that the release date is still being figured out.


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