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Could the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry rows ‘derail’ King Charles III’s reign?

Could the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry rows 'derail' King Charles III's reign?. King Charles comes to the role with an unenviably packed in-tray – but it’s not matters of state that should concern him most, but matters closer to home. That’s the view of the Daily Mail’s columnist Sarah Vine who believes that resolving the conflict with his younger son should be top of His Majesty’s to do list. ‘He’s got to sort out the Harry and Meghan situation, because I don’ think the truce was a truce, I think it was for the cameras,’ she tells our royal talk show Palace Confidential. ‘I’m not hearing anything good about Harry… he’s acting up and it’s not really a very good situation,’ ‘That needs to be resolved because he’ll go back to America and he’ll publish this book and goodness knows what will be in it. The Queen used to be the buffer – so that’s a real problem.’ 0:00 Palace Confidential intro 0:29 Will the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry issue be at the top of King Charles III to-do list? 2:15 What will Queen Consort Camilla's role be? 3:02 Could Meghan and Harry 'derail' King Charles III's reign? 4:29: What is the view of reconciliation in America? 5:45 Will the Royals regret 'humiliating' Harry? 7:25 Will things regress now that Harry and Meghan are back in the US? 8:20 How will Charles balance being Head of State and being head of the family? 10:29 What next for Prince Andrew? 11:10 The claim about Andrew 'trying to stop' Charles from being king 13:05 Our favourite comments from viewers! 15:16 Keep commenting below or email [email protected] 15:20 Where will Prince Andrew live? 17:35 What about Prince William and Kate's living arrangement? 20:00 Analysing King Charles III's charities and foundations 21:38 We answer viewers' questions! #palaceconfidential #QueenElizabeth #KingCharles #MeghanMarkle #PrinceHarry #PrinceWilliam #DailyMailRoyals #DailyMail #Royals Daily Mail Website: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:


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