Crazy Workouts Actors Underwent To Get The Superhero Bodies

Crazy Workouts Actors Underwent To Get The Superhero Bodies

It is amazing to see the kind of effort that the actors put in to play a role. It becomes even more difficult when the role is difficult, full of action, stamina and requires physical strength. They also have to look like the character they play on the big screen, and it can be a very difficult adventure requiring absolute devotion to the role. When actors are cast to play superhero roles, things become even far more difficult because they need to justify these unreal characters that fans love.

Those actors that get listed here, their hard work and dedication has succeeded in making their name synonymous with the character they play, and it depends a lot on their diet and exercise regimen. Let us see what these actors did to become our beloved heroes.


Scarlett Johansson was unsure about playing Black Widow in Iron Man 2 because she knew that she will have to wear a bodysuit. Despite that, her role required looking awesome, and she hired trainer Bobby Strom who created a seven days a week, 90-minute circuit training routine. She got trained in MMA and weapon handling to make sure that her character looked convincing as an assassin on screen.

Her intake comprised of complex carbohydrates in the form of oatmeal, a lot of fruits and vegetables and also a great deal of lean protein to build muscle. However, she confessed as being cheese obsessed, but, it definitely didn’t impact her appearance.

Crazy Workouts Actors Underwent To Get The Superhero Bodies


Hugh Jackman followed a workout routine to play Wolverine for more than 17 years, so we are not surprised to him in such a great shape and the fact that despite being in the 40s hasn’t stopped him. His muscles are sharper than adamantium claws. His trainer, David Kingsbury, has been monitoring his routine since the last few movies and has greatly succeeded.

Jackman underwent heavy training and follows a science about what he does and what he eats. According to him, “Food-wise it’s lots of chicken breasts, egg whites, brown rice, spinach, lean steak, avocado, steamed broccoli. But then I’d also gulp down protein shakes.”

Crazy Workouts Actors Underwent To Get The Superhero Bodies


To turn into Captain America, Chris Evans used to work out six days a week with her trainer Simon Waterson. The workouts used to alternate between one day of heavy lifting and circuit training and one day of cardio and abs. The goal was to add as much muscle as possible without adding any fat and staying agile for his action scenes. Evans used to have Saturdays off, and on Sundays, he focused on any body part which was not as developed as the other body parts. The good thing for Evans was that he had already played superhero roles, so he had a head start.

Crazy Workouts Actors Underwent To Get The Superhero Bodies


Chris Pratt believed that he had to prove his credentials as a superhero actor when he was cast as Peter Quill/Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. He was earlier 300 lbs courtesy of his role of Andy on Parks & Recreation. Pratt admitted that his weight gain impacted his self-esteem, sleep, and health. The movie gave him a great opportunity to get rid of his bad habits.

He lost 60 lbs in six months by removing beer from his diet and exercising six days a week. He did things like swimming, boxing, running, and P90X sessions.

Crazy Workouts Actors Underwent To Get The Superhero Bodies


The Israeli beauty had to spend six months of intensive training to get into the combat shape needed to play Wonder Woman on the big screen. There was a lot of pressure on her to get it spot on in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and a lot of people believe that she was the best thing about the movie. Above everything, her solo movie has proven that DC can still make great films.

Gal Gadot’s workout lasts six hours a day. She lifted weights for two hours, choreographing her fight scenes for two hours and horseback riding for two hours. Her tough workout paid off well since she has added 18 lbs to play the role and looked every bit the embodiment of the Wonder Woman.

Crazy Workouts Actors Underwent To Get The Superhero Bodies