Daniel Gibson: LeBron James Has a Fear of Being Average (Flashback)

In this flashback, Daniel Gibson spoke about his former teammate LeBron James, and he detailed what makes LeBron an exceptional athlete. Gibson explained that LeBron has a lot of drive, and he explained that when it comes to LeBron and Kobe, they have a “fear of being average.” Daniel went on to point out that LeBron’s drive paired with his talent makes him exceptional, and he went on to speak about people reacting when LeBron announced that he was leaving Cleveland. Daniel went on to speak about how the fans had a right to be mad, and he explained that it took a lot of fire out of the city when he left. When it comes to the team, Daniel explained that LeBron didn’t give the team time to find a replacement, and he stated that the Cavaliers owner will do anything to keep players happy. From there, Daniel reacted to LeBron coming back to Cleveland, and he explained that it’s another opportunity for him to show his greatness.


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