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Football fans go wild as England score two goals in two minutes

England have reached the knockout stages of the World Cup in Qatar, after finishing first in Group B. Gareth Southgate’s team began their tournament with a 6-2 thrashing of Iran, followed by a frustrating 0-0 draw with USA. They rounded out their group-stage campaign with a win against Wales on Tuesday (29 November), a result that saw England finish first in the pool. After a first half that they dominated but ended goalless, the Three Lions turned on the class after the break as Marcus Rashford scored goals and either side of a Phil Foden finish to secure a 3-0 triumph over their British rivals. That has set them up to play the runners-up of Group A, Senegal, on Sunday 4 December. Keep up live: Click here to subscribe to The Independent: About The Independent: Making Change Happen. The Independent is the world’s most free-thinking newsbrand, providing global news, commentary and analysis for the independently-minded. Connect with The Independent: Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: Click here to get the best of The Independent daily: Like The Independent on Facebook: Follow The Independent on Twitter: Follow The Independent on Instagram: Download the iOS & Android app: Help to support truly independent journalism. Every dollar you contribute will directly fund additional special reports and investigations from a free-thinking, award-winning newsroom you can trust - Subscribe to Independent Premium for exclusive content & live events:


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