Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine

Wolverine is a monster as well as a deadly weapon. He is probably the best and the most famous Marvel hero. We have seen him being the most popular among characters like Storm, Jean Grey, Elektra, Red Sonja, Mystique and Madame Hydra. He is also the father of some of their children.

Here is a list comprising of ten most animalistic kids of Wolverine:


Wolverine has numerous enemies and barring the Hulk Gang, nobody has hurt him the way Red Right Hand did. Created by people who had been impacted by Wolverine, the Red Right Hand resolutely worked to bring him down. Among all of the group’s members, Mongrels hated Wolverine the most.

They fought in “Wolverine” Vol. 4 #10. They get into a battle, and Wolverine murdered them one by one. Later he found out that among those he killed, Shadowstalker, Gunhawk, Saw Fist, Fire Knives, and Cannon Foot were his own children.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


The comic book ‘Savage Wolverine’ shows Wolverine on a faraway planet in the Marvel Universe and away from the civilization. That’s where he met Kouen, a young boy who was his own clone.

The scientists who created Kouen had tasked him to murder Logan, but, he then took sides with Wolverine.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


After he murdered the Hulk Gang, Wolverine went away with a survivor from the family of Bruce Banner, his grandson Hulk Jr. Logan gave up his Wolverine identity and became Hooded Man, and raised Hulk Jr.  The new character debuted in What If? #34 and has enjoyed a long and rewarding run as a superhero.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


Once Wolverine had settled down and raised a family, but, it was in a dystopian future where the world was ruled by the Hulk Gang. Three of the group members demanded rent from him. That is when Logan went on a trip with Hawkeye and found that the Hulk Gang had killed his family. He went on to kill all of them.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


After the Ultimatum miniseries, an X-Men team appeared in the Ultimate X series. In Ultimate X #1, Jimmy Hudson’s powers are revealed in public. He came back to find Kitty Pryde waiting for him with objects belonging to Wolverine. There is a box containing a holographic message that revealed that he was Jimmy’s real father.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


Kirika was conceived when Wolverine was in love with her Mariko during his visit to Japan. Kirika had heard tales of Wolverine while growing up. Nathaniel Essex captured her and put in a lab where she was given the label “X-23”.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


Mariko Yashida is Shingen Harada’s daughter. Logan and Mariko fell in love, and Mariko became pregnant with his baby. There are two versions of this story: on the Earth-295, she gave birth to Kirika, and on Earth 1298, she gave birth to Brian and Mari

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


Kobayashi is very close to Wolverine’s heart. It all started after they had returned to Earth after “Secret Wars.” Kitty Pryde’s dragon tailed them, but, he didn’t feel happy and set the city ablaze. A young lady who perished in the fire requested Wolverine to take care of her daughter.

The young Amiko was handed over to Mariko Yashida, the fiancée of Wolverine. The Han killed Mariko, and then Wolverine entrusted her to the safety of Yukio and then Silver Samurai.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


Kendall Logan aka Torrent was a native to Earth-9811. Kendall has powers such as enhanced healing and capability to manipulate weather. She went to Earth with the children of other heroes, but, as is usual in comics, they landed on a wrong Earth.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


Originating from Earth-982, he exchanged his father’s heritage to pursue a life of crime. Hudson Logan is quite similar to Sabretooth.

Sabreclaw’s list of crimes includes murdering his half-sister and becoming a member of the Revengers and Sinister Six. He ultimately reformed and teamed up with the good guys against Galactus.

Here Are 10 Deadly Children Of Wolverine


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