Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

Years before the Marvel superheroes started dominating the pop culture, the Marvel Comics was called the House of Ideas. Various generations of artists supported creating and continuing the rich history of Marvel. Marvel has never actually done an across the board reboot of its universe, we can draw a line from the 1939’s Marvel Comics #1 to the presently running series. Over the years the superhero and supervillains of Marvel have aged, and superfamilies have cropped up all over the Marvel Universe.

In this list, we are going to see various Marvel families as per their joint power and impact in the Marvel Universe. Apart from the main characters, we will also take a look at siblings, spouses, former spouses, clones, relations formed on the way and adopted kids from main as well as alternate timelines.

Wolverine’s pack

We don’t think that Wolverine and his kids are the strongest Marvel family, but, they undoubtedly are the most disgusting.  Apart from being the most brutal X-Men member, Logan has fathered numerous kids in between his renowned memory wipeouts. His most famous child is his cloned daughter X-23. Craig Kyle and Chris Yost created the character for the cartoon series X-Men: Evolution and Laura has been steadily gaining in importance in the comic books as the present Wolverine and also in last year’s Logan.

Daken is the most famous son of Logan, and he has tangled with groups such as Dark Avengers of Norman Osborn, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, ever since he debuted in 2006. Apart from his evil kids, Logan’s family includes his nasty half-brother Dog, his evil ex-wife Viper, and his first cousin James Hudson.

Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

Iron Man and the Stark family

Jointly, Tony Stark and his assembled family is among the greatest gathering of tech geniuses in the history of Marvel. Throughout the years, we have heard a lot about Tony’s adoptive father, Howard Stark.

Although Tony’s actions such as being the founding member of The Avengers and being a business tycoon has overshadowed his father’s heritage, and the truth about the Starks was revealed only in 2013, when Kieron Gillen, Dale Eaglesham, Greg Land and Carlo Pagulyan’s Iron-Man series. Tony came to know that he was adopted and had a foster-brother named Arno Stark. Courtesy of some alien genetic manipulation, Arno is even smarter than Tony, and they soon became armor wearing allies.

Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

Black Panther’s royal family of Wakanda

At times some legacies are passed down from one generation to another, T’Challa had to prove his worth to become the Black Panther and the ruler of Wakanda. Just like his father T’Chaka and the other ancestors, T’Challa took on both roles to serve Wakanda, the technologically advanced African nation. As the ruler of Wakanda, he also had control over their vibranium resources, an imaginary metal that was used to forge Captain America’s shield.

At times, his half-sister Shuri has stepped in for him as a powerful Black Panther. Earlier this year, Letitia Wright played the role of Shuri on the big screen in Black Panther movie. However, we haven’t seen much of his half-brother Jakarra ever since he turned into a purple monster in the 1970s. T’Challa was temporarily married to Storm from X-Men, and they are ranked as one of the strongest Marvel couples ever.

Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

The Hulk Family

Despite his nasty, green alter ego, the Hulk has put together a huge extended family during his adventures. Years after he got affected by gamma radiation, Bruce turned his cousin Jennifer Walters into She-Hulk after giving her a blood transfusion. Bruce’s former wife, Betty Ross, and her father General Thunderbolt Ross underwent a process that turned them into brutal Red She-Hulk and Red Hulk respectively.

Alien Caiera married the Hulk during the 2006 series Planet Hulk and had two children, the mighty Hiro-Kala and Skaar, the Son of Hulk in 2008’s series Hulk: Raging Thunder, created by Jeff Parker and Mitch Breitweiser. He also had a genetically produced daughter Lyra. Thus, this gamma radiation enabled Hulk family has some of the strongest Marvel characters.

Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

Thanos’ galactic heritage

We first saw the Black Order aka Children of Thanos for the first time in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos doesn’t depend on them to prove that he has one of the strongest Marvel Universe families. As revealed in the 2014 film, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos’ adopted daughter Gamora was as ruthless a killer as Thanos himself. His granddaughter Nebula was an equally nasty enemy and had briefly wielded the Infinity Gauntlet too.

Although he is a fearsome warlord, Thanos’ other family members are not so evil. His son Thane had an Inhuman death touch, and he battled his father before recently becoming a host of the Phoenix Force. Thanos’ brother Starfox and his cousin Sersi have been powerful cosmic members of The Avengers. Also, several of his far-off relatives are Eternals.

Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

Thor and the Asgardians

Even though he is among the strongest Avengers, the God of Thunder is not the strongest Asgardian. Thor’s almost at par with his step-siblings like Balder the Brave, Tyr, and Angela. Thor’s adopted brother Loki has been a mighty user of magic and tricks and is known to create chaos. Thor’s other relatives such as his step-mother Frigga, and grandfather, Bor, have taken over Asgard from time to time.

Thor’s father Odin is among the strongest Marvel characters. Odin also plays a key role in the cosmic scheme of things in the Universe. He is capable of channeling his Odinforce, a mighty magic that is capable of anything, although it weakens him and he needs to rest after using it.

Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

The Fantastic Family

Back in 1961, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby launched the Marvel Universe with Fantastic Four #1. Their permanent bond led the Fantastic Four to live up to the title of Marvel’s First Family. Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman, have been married for one of the longest duration in the comic books. Aided by Sue’s brother Johnny Storm, and the surrogate uncle of the kids, Ben Grimm, they have raised two kids, Franklin and Valeria Richards.

Although Valeria’s intellect will be superior to her father, Franklin might evolve into the mightiest hero in the whole Marvel Universe. Controlled only by his own imagination, Franklin has used his mutant power of reality warping to create tiny universes during his childhood.  After the Secret Wars of 2015, the Fantastic Four went on a mission to reconstruct the Marvel multiverse one world at a time.

Heritage: Here Are The Mightiest Marvel Families

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