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How will US and German tanks in Ukraine turn the tide of war against Russia? | Defence analysis

The West is poised to send nearly 200 battle tanks to Ukraine in a potential hammer blow that could help Kyiv win its war against Vladimir Putin. It came after Germany finally succumbed to weeks of international pressure and agreed to donate some of its Leopard 2 tanks. Berlin also relented on allowing other countries, such as Poland, to re-export German-made Leopard 2s, which could happen within days. Meanwhile, the United States dropped its opposition to sending M1 Abrams tanks - potentially dozens of them - in a major escalation of its involvement. The UK has already become the first ally to pledge tanks to Ukraine, having said it would send 14 of its Challenger 2s. Under international agreements, other countries must be granted permission by Berlin to send their Leopard 2s. Officials in Kyiv have suggested a dozen nations were willing to donate a total of up to 100 of them, if given permission by the German government. Germany itself was reportedly preparing to send 14 tanks, with Olaf Scholz, the country’s chancellor, expected to make an announcement as soon as Wednesday. Continue reading full article: Subscribe to The Telegraph with our special offer: just £1 for 3 months. Start your free trial now: Get the latest headlines: and are websites of The Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture. #Ukraine #Russia #War


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