Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks

Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks

It is quite a shocking thing to know that there are multiple Hulks in the Marvel Universe. Hulk is an unbridled wrecking ball, and one Hulk alone is more than enough to control. However, the various Hulks are not identical in power level, but, they are all dangerous nonetheless. Green, Red, Grey or Blue, there is a different threat perception with each of the Hulks. There are some Hulk who are astonishingly intelligent and prove to be deadly combinations of wit and power. Most of them thrive on anger, thus, it is almost impossible to drill sense into a Hulk in angry mode. Even the most sensible of them like She-Hulk can go berserk depending upon the situation.

Still, there are beings who have beaten the Hulks at various times, and here we present to you seven such Marvel characters who proved to be Hulk beaters.


Over the years and across various universes, there have been multiple knockdowns between the Hulk and Wolverine. Each of their fights proved to be messier than the last. Wolverine debuted against Bruce Banner, so these two have quite a long history. They are both extremely durable, and that leads to gory as well as prolonged battles between the two heroes.

One of their most infamous fights took place in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe where Banner tore Wolverine into two. However, Logan recovered, and eventually, he came back as Old Man Logan and destroyed a whole family of Hulks, including Bruce Banner.

Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks


The rivalry between the God of Thunder and Hulk has been a frenzied competition throughout their days on the Avengers team since both of them stake a claim to being the strongest Avenger. This rivalry has spilled onto the big screen in the MCU. Last year’s Thor: Ragnarok showed how the duo competed in the arena, and the Quintjet activation password used by Banner happens to be a phrase calling him the strongest Avenger.

Thor had dealt with Hulk more than once during the latter’s destructive streaks, and he has not succeeded at all times. During Fear Itself, Banner had got an Asgardian hammer. Thor beat Hulk and The Thing at a time when they both had been influenced by the hammers they wielded.

Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks


To be fair to the Hulk here, Spider-Man was under the influence of Uni-Power during their fight. Not only that, Hulk was in the Gray Hulk version at that time. The Gray Hulk form of the hero makes Banner smarter than usual, but, his physical power gets limited. Despite all those facts, the defeat was certainly embarrassing for Marvel’s wrecker in chief.

As the Captain Universe, Spider-Man was causing great problems to the criminals on Earth such as the Hellfire Club. Sebastian Shaw employed Hulk to deal with the cosmic Spider-Man, but, things didn’t go well, and Spider-Man beat the Hulk so badly that he had to flee into space.

Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks


Tony Stark has been instrumental in numerous defeats of The Hulk throughout his Avengers days. He was party to the Illuminati’s scheme to exile Bruce Banner, and he has even attempted drowning the Hulk in the past. Tony Stark has been a part of the Avengers almost every single time when the Hulk went on a rampage, therefore, the fact that the genius has countermeasures in place for such eventuality is not surprising.

He beat Hulk with his proprietary Hulkbuster armor, which is specially created to handle a rampaging Hulk. The Hulkbuster has made an appearance in the MCU and was used successfully against Banner.

Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks


Deadpool has managed to beat the whole Marvel Universe line up by shattering the fourth wall, more than once. Therefore, we are not surprised to discover that he beat a Hulk or two. However, here we are mentioning an incident which is canon to the Marvel Comics Universe.

Wade had to take on the Hulk because he wanted to get a specimen of his irradiated blood. Considering the thick skin and incredible strength of the green monster, it was not an easy task. Deadpool used his wit to create circumstances wherein Hulk would jump into the air and land on a very sharp object that would temporarily disable him. That’s how Deadpool managed to get hold of what he wanted.

Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks


Although Hulk is a fearsome enemy, Thanos made him feel feeble. Just like how people expect carnage whenever Hulk appears on the scene, considering his long history of violent streaks, Thanos also carries a similar perception. He has beaten the Hulk on the big screen as well in the Avengers: Infinity War. He beat Hulk severely within the first few minutes of the movie.

Not just that, he has beaten the Hulk in the comics. After getting the Infinity Stones and prevailing over the Marvel Universe, he faced opposition from all the heroes of the Marvel Universe. One of them was Hulk who was defeated as easily as the others.

Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks


Juggernaut is another sheer wrecking ball and is a rival to the Hulk among the pantheon of Marvel monsters. He is generally furious himself, but, Cain Marko gets his power from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, an evil and malevolent god of destruction. The duo have faced off many times, and both have won or lost depending upon the situation.

Once, Hulk battled Juggernaut without actually knowing that he was fighting him. He was not wearing his regular costume and Banner thought that this man was going to be easily beatable. He couldn’t have been more wrong as Marko choked him out after a fierce physical fight through the rainforest.

Hulk Busters: 7 Marvel Characters Who Have Beaten Hulks

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