iOS 16: Top 10 Tips for Apple’s New iPhone Software Update | WSJ

Apple’s just-released iOS 16 gives your iPhone’s lock screen a makeover, and brings new features such as editing and recalling sent messages. WSJ’s Joanna Stern helps you find all the cool new features. Photo illustration: Jacob Renyolds/The Wall Street Journal 0:38 Here are Joanna’s top 10 iOS 16 tips 0:47 How to redesign your lock screen 01:42 How to display battery percentage 02:09 How to mark messages as unread 02:32 How to unsend and edit messages 03:07 How to change the notifications display 03:44 How to remove photo backgrounds 04:03 How to add medication reminders 04:51 How to merge duplicate contacts 05:17 How to turn your iPhone into a Mac webcam 06:50 How to schedule and unsend email in Apple Mail 07:24 Bonus tips More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit Visit the WSJ Video Center: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Snapchat: #iOS16 #Apple #WSJ


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