King Charles: When will Royal symbols change? …The Leader podcast

Listen now: Could it take over a year for King Charles III to appear on our money? And do Australians really want Steve Irwin on their dollar notes? Looking at King Charles’s accession process, Lucy Hume from Debrett’s explains what happens now, and how the King might wield his power as monard. Plus Dominic Chorney, a coin expert from Baldwin’s explains how our currency will change, and what other commonwealth countries might do with their money.  In this episode: What does the accession process look like? Will King Charles dabble in politics? How long will it take for stamps, money and royal signage to change? When will money featuring Queen Elizabeth go out of circulation? What will the new King’s portrait look like? Is Steve Irwin a contender to feature on Australian Dollars? Follow us on Twitter #TheLeaderPodcast


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