NASA Explorers Season 5, Episode 2: Moon Rocks

Meet NASA’s rock detectives. Using tiny samples of lunar rock brought back by Apollo astronauts, these NASA Explorers are looking into the origins of our Moon, our planet, and ourselves. They might be among the first scientists to study samples from the Moon’s South Pole that will be delivered to Earth by Artemis astronauts. In episode 2 of “NASA Explorers: Artemis Generation,” we’re joining scientists like Natalie Curran and Jose Aponte, who are looking at clues buried in Moon rocks. Series Executive Producers: Katy Mersmann/Lauren Ward Season Producers: Lonnie Shekhtman/Stephanie Sipila/James Tralie/Molly Wasser Explorers: Natalie Curran/Jose Aponte Music: 1. “Darwin’s Extraordinary Journey” by Laurent Dury 2. “From Small Beginnings” by Jay Price 3. “Life Eternal” by Enrico Cacace and Lorenzo Castellarin 4. “All is Good” by Anders Niska and Klas Johan Wahl 5. “Hyperion” by Gresby Race Nash Credit: NASA #NASAExplorers #Artemis #NASA


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