Pakistan floods: Cat rescued from surging waters; residents bemoan shelter conditions

An emergency services worker was able to rescue a cat in Pakistan on Tuesday making the feline the latest evacuee from the ongoing catastrophic floods that have left one-third of the country underwater. Thousands have been evacuated and in the city of Jacobabad, some of those displaced have called the conditions of temporary shelters deplorable. "It would have been better to drown and die in flood water instead of this," said Mohammad Javed, who was displaced by the water. A doctor at a local hospital also raised concerns about stomach illnesses possibly as a result of unsanitary conditions from the water, saying he had seen a rise in patients. The situation was no better in Nowshera, where levees overflowed leaving homes submerged. The powerful current in the Kabul River overcame the protective embankments as heavy rain fell, with residents saying they were taken by surprise. And in southern Pakistan, residents of Mehar filled sandbags in an effort to prevent the surging floodwaters from overcoming their own homes after it inundated a major highway on Wednesday. For more info, please go to Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: Like Global News on Facebook HERE: Follow Global News on Twitter HERE: Follow Global News on Instagram HERE: #GlobalNews


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