Roger Reaves on Getting Arrested for Continuous Criminal Enterprise, Giving $10M to Feds (Part 6)

Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member - (iPhone Youtube App users click this link: ) Part 5: Part 1: -------- In this clip, Roger Reaves spoke about the DEA investigating Barry Seal, who was working for Roger as a smuggler, and Roger detailed how Barry sold to an undercover agent. Roger explained that he didnโ€™t know about the investigation, and he detailed being arrested after picking up $2 million and flying it to Grand Cayman. Roger was charged with CCE, continuing criminal enterprise, which he said happened when he was notified about a warrant with a $5 million bail. Roger then spoke about pleading out of his charges for 5 years in prison, 5 years probation, and 25 years special parole, and he explained that he started his sentence in 1982.


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