Roger Reaves Reveals if He’s Sorry for Smuggling $1.5 Billion in Cocaine (Part 11)

Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member - (iPhone Youtube App users click this link: ) Part 10: Part 1: -------- In this clip, Roger Reaves estimated that he smuggled 9,000 kilos, or 9 tons, in his lifetime, which he said equaled up to around $1.5 billion. When asked if he was sorry about what he’s done, Roger explained that when he was smuggling, crack wasn’t around, and he added that he repents for his past. Roger then stated that he’d warn other people against the life he led in the past, and he pointed out that he’s spent decades in prison. Roger then stated that the movie “Blow” is the most accurate depiction of smuggling, unlike “American Me,” which was about the man that used to work with him, Barry Seal.


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