Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

11. Ellison Estate

Price- $200 Million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Ellison Estate! The grand is sound the grandeur it is! Owned by the famous Larry Ellison, the owner of the Oracle and the founder made this beautiful estate during the time of 2004. The building is an architectural miracle that is designed with the Japanese style interior and designs. Ellison Estate is equipped with ten buildings, a tea house, a Japanese Koi pond, a human-made lake, and as well as a bathroom. The property is stretched on the area of 23 acres, making it look gigantic and magnificent.

The main attraction is the interior of the house that gives you the vibes of traditional Japanese designs and art forms. The net worth of this building in the market stakes over 200 million dollars.

12. Palazzo di Amore

Price- $195 Million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Located in the Los Angeles city of the California state of the USA, Palazzo di Amor is one of the most expensive and magnificent residential complex situated in the United States of America. Stretched across the area of 35,000 square feet of area, the building is a beautiful place to make your fairy tale life come true. Currently, the Place is owned by the real estate billionaire, Jeff Greene, who took years to renovate and make this beauty alive again. In the year 2017, this Place was back on the market to be sold to the highest bidder.

It’s beautifully done with the help of the designer Alberto Pinto who, with these ideas and skills, made the house come to life. The estimated market net worth of the building, according to the surveys, is across 195 million dollars.

13. Chartwell Estate

Price- $195 Million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

The famous and widely popular Chartwell Estate is also known as the Beverly Hillbillies mansion. The beauty got its name as from the year 1962 till the year 1971, the exterior of this gigantic estate served in the famous show with the title The Beverly Hillbillies. This beauty is also regarded as the most expensive home to be located in parts of the USA. The house was designed by the famous architect Summer Spaulding for Lynn Atkinson, an engineer billionaire.

The estate stretches the Land of about 10 acres of area with its beautiful architect. It is equipped with beautiful gardens that are designed by Henri Samuel. In the year 2019, the estate was bought by Lachlan Murdoch. The net worth of this magnificent building is over $195 million.

14. The Manalapan Residence

Price- $195 million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

The Manalapan Residence is the finest and most beautiful oceanfront estate to be built in the world. The estate stretches its leg across the 5.5 acres of area with over 520 feet of fronting the Atlantic Ocean. This beauty is the perfect blend of the old elegance of the Victorian age and classicism with the new techniques and techs of the 21st Century.

After traveling around the world for years, the designers were able to blend in the perfect Mediterranean architectural designs with that of the South Florida coastal life. The net worth of this beauty in the real estate market ranges over $195 million.

15. Hearst Castle

Price- $191 Million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

The Hearst Castle or La Cuesta Encantada is one of the national historic landmarks of America and also a part of the California Historical Landmark. This beauty is located on the central coast of California of the United States of America. The mega estate or the castle was built between the years 1919 to 1947 by the publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst along with the greatest architect Julia Morgan.

The estate is eye warming and catches the attention of every visitor who sees the beautiful architect. The net worth of this magnificent palace ranges more than 191 million dollars.

16. Villa Firenze

Price- $165 Million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

It’s elegant, beautiful, and so sophisticated that it will make you feel like a king. Villa Firenze, located in the valley of Florence, is equipped with magnificent artwork and excellent interior designing that attracts people around the world for various purposes. Settled in the countryside of the state, the villa serves as a perfect place for wedding purposes as the couple’s love getting wed under the beautiful Tuscan sun.

The villa is all paradise in the heart of Italy that also gives the best living experience to the people who visit the Place. It is equipped with luxury master bedrooms, saunas, pools, spas, golf, village houses, and many more. The net worth of the villa ranges over 165 million dollars.

17. Le Palais Royal

Price- $159 million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Have you ever seen a home so grand and majestic that made you to never leave the Place? If the answer is no, then the Le Palais Royal of Florida got that aura and ability to make you daydream. This is a great place just like a fairy tale palace that stretches to the area of 60,000 square feet in area. The main attraction of this Place is the 22-carat golden leaf gate that stands at the entrance making the Place more amazing to view.

The net worth of the villa ranges more than 159 million dollars in the market of real estate. It also has its name on the list of being one of the most expensive properties of America.

18. Seven the Pinnacle

Price- $155 Million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Located in the Bik Sky area of the Montana state of the United States of America, the beautiful and magnificent Seven the Pinnacle seats in the heart of the city. Owned by the couple Edra and Tm Blixeth, the magnificent estate stretches across the 57,000 square feet of area. The best part of the mansion is when it gets covered in snow. It is also equipped with heated floors, numerous pools, wine cellar, ski lift as well as a gym, and many more.

The property is also regarded as one of the largest to be a part of the Yellowstone Club, and its golf and ski community are open for rich people. The property ranges over 155 million dollars in the market.

19. Spelling Manor

Price- $150 Million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

It’s gigantic, beautiful, and mesmerizing, located in the California state of the United States of America, the estate is a sere pleasure of the onlookers and visitors. It’s huge and covers the area of 56,500 square feet. Owned by the famous Petra Ecclestone, this beauty was designed by the architects James Langenheim.

It possesses 123 master bedrooms, gym, three extra rooms for the presents, several swimming pools, a huge screening room, four of the two-car garages, tennis court, and many more such amazing amenities. It is suede, and perfect interiors give us the image of royalty and fabulousness. The estate’s net worth in the market ranges over $150 million.

20. Kensington Palace

Price- $140 Million

Top 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Royal Beauty! Kensington Palace is mainly a royal residence which is located in the Kensington Gardens in the Royal Borough of the Kensington and Chelsea of London, UK. This is the world’s most famous and expensive royal residence that is the home to the British Royal Family from the 17th Century. Currently, there lives Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Eugenie with her husband, Duke, and Duchess of Gloucester, Kent, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

The staterooms are open to the public and get managed by the Historic Royal Palace, the palace gets maintained by the Royal Household. It displays some of the best Royal Collections. The palace’s net worth is over 140 million dollars.

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