XCOM to X-Men: The Journey of Marvel’s Midnight Suns

IGN’s Akeem Lawanson talks with Jake Solomon and Garth DeAngelis of Firaxis Games about their upcoming title Marvel’s Midnight Suns and why the developers of XCOM found it difficult to simply placing superheroes in an XCOM-style game. D23 has an exclusive D23 Games stream highlighting the newest Disney and Marvel games. Stream watchers may be puzzled, so we’re talking to the sources themselves to get some answers. IGN host Narz is talking to the devs of Marvel Midnight Suns. What can we expect form Marvel Midnight Suns? Gameplay has been sparse for the Midnight Suns game, but we do have new footage from Marvel Games, including the characters we’ll see in Marvels Midnight Suns. The Midnight Suns trailer featured so many new details including Marvel favorites like Wolverine and Ghost Rider. What was your favorite part of the Midnight Suns official trailer? Who popped for you in the Midnight Sons gameplay? Character reveals such as Blade, Iron Man Captain America, and Scarlet Witch have us excited for more. #IGN #Gaming #Marvel


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